RSC Regional Vice Treasurer

The Regional Vice Treasurer position is currently open.

If you or someone you know is willing to serve please attend the next RSC to be nominated


  1. Attends all Regional Service Committee meetings.
  2. Verifies for accuracy all financial transactions and the reconciliation of the bank statements of the previous two months activity following the RSC.
  3. Submits written report to each RSC detailing the findings of all activities following the last RSC.
  4. Co-facilitates the annual August budget meeting.
  5. Assists with the audit of the accounts at the end of the Treasurers term.
  6. Becomes automatic nominee for Treasurer position when it becomes open and does not need to be nominated


  1. 5 years clean time.
  2. 1 years Area and/or Regional experience. (188th)
  3. Willingness and desire to serve and transition to Treasurer position at the end of the Treasurer’s term.
  4. 2 year term, 4 year commitment.
  5. Knowledge and/or willingness to develop skills in bookkeeping or accounting.
  6. A solid foundation of experience with the Twelve Steps, Twelve Traditions and Twelve Concepts of Narcotics Anonymous and willingness to answer questions asked by the body of the Conference concerning this.
  7. Time and resources needed to be an active participant.