Regional Delegate Information

Delegate Team Contact Information

RD: Randy D.          540-327-3335

RDA: Sherry V      304 261 0401

RDA2:  David H  312-545-5114


Important Dates and Deadlines

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2022 Proposal for the Future of the World Service Conference

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Surveys for the Collaboration of the Zones in the United States.

Survey #1
 Your Delegate Team Needs your response for our Region-
Please click the link below we created to collect your response. 
It takes about 1 min. Thank you from your Delegate Team

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Survey #2

This survey was designed by the Action Task Team from the Collaboration of US Zones.  
The zones want as much input from our members regarding
this collaboration.  Please fill our the “Members” part of the survey.  
It takes about 3 mins to fill out.  Your voice is important to our fellowship.  
Below are resources one can review to get more information and please feel free to 
email your delegate team-
Thanks much

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Google Drive Containing Resource Information
Contains : 
• A narrative letter explaining the survey
• PowerPoint Presentation explaining the US Collaboration of Zones and the survey
• Vision and Purpose Statements
• All past notes, minutes, of the US Collaboration and its workgroups
• Workshops and recordings from the 2021 Our Gratitude Speaks event



What are the Conference Agenda Report (CAR) and the Conference Approval Track (CAT)?

The CONFERENCE AGENDA REPORT (CAR) and the CONFERENCE APPROVAL TRACK (CAT) are a compilation of motions that have been brought before Narcotics Anonymous at the world level.  Just as we have motions and business meetings at group levels, area levels and regional levels we also have them at the world level. Once every two years Delegates from each region in the world bring the tally of their region’s votes and submit them at the World Service Conference (WSC). The CAR and CAT are made in preparation for the WSC (World Service Conference).

The CAR and CAT are one of the ways Narcotics Anonymous World Services informs the fellowship of Narcotics  Anonymous world-wide what is happening, what needs to be discussed , what needs to be voted on and the future direction of the NA fellowship world-wide.

Motions can be made by Regions, World Board or by the Conference Participants from the conference. Motions made by regions often involve issues important to the region, while World Board and Conference Participants motions concern the world-wide fellowship. These motions affect NA as a whole and impact NA members all around the world. The delegates from the regions are directed to vote based upon the consensus of the region itself.